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Welcome to the new builders blog and website of Butterfly Structure where we hope to get Construction company Glasgowfeedback from customers and build an excellent website for customers to see what they can have.

Our aims for the new site going forward are;

  1. Interact with customer (i.e feedback)
  2. Showcase our work and quality
  3. Get more business (of course)

Interacting with customers or previous customers is an absolute must in today’s world of business and internet because we can do it easier than ever before and we can learn from customer reviews.

We encourage every customer to give us a review whether it is good or bad because it helps us learn for the future if it is bad or show what we are good at it if it’s positive.

It is also easier than ever to find out how much work will cost you with our new quote page where anyone can input their request and receive a quote asap without any hassle or obligation.

In time the website will grow and the builders blog will be full of good, bad and ugly news, reviews and special deals for everyone to read at their leisure.

Please take take the time to contact us if you would like to offer us your review for our builders blog and if you so choose you can remain anonymous so long as we know you were a customer.

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