About Butterfly Structure

At Butterfly Structure we pride ourselves on being a green, low emission building company and we aim to do our best to lower our carbon footprint and be socially responsible.

To comply with Greenpeace International’s Alternatives to Unsustainable Plywood in the UK Construction Industry report (August 2008). We always ensure that all Sterling OSB materials that we use are from socially responsible sources, who benefit the global green industry and consciously attempt to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, and who utilise environmental technologies whenever possible.

As a socially responsible, green business Butterfly Structure also ensures that the actual product itself has FSC certification – not just our suppliers!

We are able to provide full FSC Project Certification on all EPDM and GRP best flat roofs as required, including green roof gardens.

This process allows the FSC Certification Body to audit and check that environmentally sound, legal timber has been used throughout – we also ensure that we use recycled building material whenever possible!

We also offer FSC Partial Project Certification, where some of the timber elements of the scheme are FSC certified which is in line with our company’s sustainable business protocols.

It is essential that our company supports green business and the green industry throughout supporting the best flat roof available in the UK construction industry.

We reflect this commitment through our executive education programme (which uses video conferencing when possible), our choice of recycled building materials, our sustainable business models, our attendance of eco trade shows, and our promotion of environmental technology and energy savings . . .

Butterfly Structure comprehensively guarantee your green investments in the highest quality, most cost effective, best flat roof and residential green systems available! Whatever your best flat roof needs – contact us today to arrange for a site survey, advice on sustainable energy use and a free quote – TODAY!